The Simplest Way To Get Ideas For Your Presentation

When someone told me the simplest way to get ideas for my presentation, I didn’t want to believe it,

but I discovered she was right: get out of your house or office and go for a walk. Seem dumb?  It’s really not, and according to research, it actually helps you see new connections, break up narrow thinking, encourage new ideas and expand the box you may be thinking  in.

It’s a pleasure to go for a walk where I live. Colorful Victorians, steep streets and dramatic city views are visible from nearly everywhere. At the top of my favorite street is a bench carved from a tree. It’s smooth and cozy, in the shade of stunning natural foliage and with a breathtaking view of San Francisco. Just sitting here for 5 minutes transports me away to another mental space. When I come back home, my mind feels uncluttered and ideas flow more easily.


giving a presentation

I get a lot of ideas for my presentations when I come up here. And of course my heart is happy for the exercise.

Today I took great pleasure in watching my dog make friends with a towering 1 year old German Shepard; I loved watching kids squeal on the slide in the park. A group of Native Americans was dressed in traditional clothing and singing softly; nearby, a family party centered around a BBQ. I noticed a new garden, lovers holding hands, a boy flying a kite… None of this would have been part of my day had I not left the house.


I came back with a different perspective about what I was going to be presenting this week.

Next time you have to prepare a presentation, get out of your secure chair and take a short walk. Grab a notebook and a recording device, or just talk into your phone. Take pictures of what you see. Everything your mind captures can be an example, or spark a memory that leads to a story, a lesson or a metaphor.

It really is such a simple way to get ideas for your presentation.

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  1. You truly never know where inspiration can come from!

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