3 Ways To Be Authentic And Connect With Your Audience

My friend Bill told me “you have to share yourself to be really authentic.”  I think this has many applications in life. When it comes to giving a presentation, sharing a personal experience about yourself will create a bond with your audience, help them see you “like them,” and make them more open to what you have to say. (It will also relax you and put you in a more conversational state.)

So I asked Bill, “What does being authentic really mean?”

“Sharing personal experiences,” he said. So I asked just how personal. I mean, after all, are we talking about spilling our guts?

“Whatever is necessary to connect with the audience,” he told me.

audience analysis






“Be really sincere,” he went on.

OK bub, cough it up. Exactly what are you telling me?

“To connect with a speaker, what would you want to hear from them?” I probed further.

1. “A personal example I can relate to.”

2. “Sincere emotion.”

3. “Showing how you made an awful mistake but learned from it.”

Good thinking, Bill. You’re right on.

“Well it’s sincere. It’s how I deal with people.” And he’s a fabulously effective speaker who gets people to act.






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2 Responses to 3 Ways To Be Authentic And Connect With Your Audience

  1. Marla Zemanek says:

    You’re right, Kimberly. The audience might ultimately say the speech “didn’t do anything” for them or “I couldn’t relate” which is another way of saying the speaker didn’t connect with them or didn’t seem to be speaking to them. Thanks for your observation!

  2. Sometimes connecting really does mean doing whatever it takes to forge that “bond”. I think people can tell when you are not being genuine or holding back.

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